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Sustainability and CSR

Since 2004 Nautilus Lanzarote has been certified by the Institute for Responsible Tourism (ITR) as a “Biosphere Aparthotel” and it has been awarded by the TripAdvisor Ecoleaders Programme with the highest rating for its environmental policy: the Platinum Medal.

In 1993 Lanzarote was declared a Biosphere Reservation by the UNESCO. Nautilus Lanzarote is a “Biosphere Aparthotel” which means we:

  • We have an energy efficiency policy in place. Nautilus Lanzarote produces its own energy through almost 400 photovoltaic modules that convert sunlight directly into electricity. This means that 50% of the consumed energy is clean energy and therefore, that Nautilus Lanzarote contributes to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. We are pioneers in the installation of solar energy storage batteries in the Canary Islands.
    • You can check out our daily energy production on the graph below.

    • Adopt water saving practices such as double push buttons in toilets and drip irrigation.
    • Have our own laundry where towels and bedding are all washed using an environmentally respectful policy with eco-sustainable products.
    • Offer eco-sustainable products in the kitchens and bathrooms of all the apartments and common areas.
    • We have installed low consumption light bulbs and LEDs, and our suppliers certify their policies when it comes to recycling.
    • Limit the use of paper and recycle all products where possible including, paper, cardboard, plastic and glass. Limiting noise in the environment and ultimately any actions in order to reduce impact on the environment, with the help of our guests.
    • We have an environmental commitment with our suppliers, and adopt a sustainable buying policy.

    The plants you will find in Nautilus Lanzarote gardens are less aggressive to the soil and irrigation needs are very low, in Nautilus Lanzarote no harsh chemicals are used when tending the plants except for emergencies/plagues.

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility programme involves us in helping various non-profit organizations such as Rotary Club (through scholarships). A percentage of all bookings is donated to charities, not only in Lanzarote, but also in other regions and other countries, so you contribute to all the causes we collaborate with by making a reservation, and therefore, we want to thank you for spending your holidays in Nautilus Lanzarote.