Art is part of the essence of Nautilus Lanzarote, that’s why every apartment is individually decorated with art pieces from our collection and there are original art works displayed around the premises, in the common areas and on land outside the complex, where gardens have become an accessible open-air museum that can be enjoyed not only by our guests but also by visitors from Matagorda, Puerto del Carmen.

More than 800 works of art among paintings, sculptures, ceramics, mosaics, photographs and books of high artistic value comprise the collection of art works of Nautilus Lanzarote.

The complex counts with an artist’s residence called “La Casa del Artista” where about 15 artists are invited every year after being assessed by an expert committee. The residency programme has already hosted and supported more than 80 artists of 18 nationalities such as Carlo Barsotti, Koldobika Jauregi, Ana H. del Amo, Nori Ushijima, Jorge Muscia, Juan Zamora, Miguel Scheroff and María Bueno among others.

Nautilus Lanzarote’s commitment to art is also reflected on its collaborations with different international art fairs (JustMad), art galleries (Galería Lumbreras), cultural associations (Itzal Aktiboa) and art schools (Pancho Lasso) as well as on the fact of belonging to the worldwide network of artist residencies Res Artis.

As Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) said: Art is the pleasure of the mind which searches into nature and which there divines the spirit of which nature herself is animated.


Geometría abstracta y paisajes de Raquel Yago Boj

Geometría abstracta y paisajes de Raquel Yago Boj

De una manera u otra el interés de la fotógrafo Raquel Yago Boj en la ciencia sale siempre a la luz en sus imágenes. En esta ocasión y siguiendo con un proyecto que ya había empezado en Fuerteventura, ha mezclado paisaje con geometría abstracta… con un resultado único y totalmente personal. Raquel Yago Boj’s scientifique …

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La flor de lava de Joserra Elorza

La flor de lava de Joserra Elorza

Hemos disfrutado mucho viendo a Joserra Elorza en activo. Venía con el proyecto de una escultura, pero no solo se va dejando una maravillosa escultura en los jardines de Matagorda, si no que tambien ha pintado, y bastante, por no decir mucho. Nos quedamos con su...

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